What is ‘home watching’?

Home watch is so much more than house sitting. Owners of multiple properties are often forced to take days out of their lives dedicated to maintaining their homes-away-from-home. It’s difficult enough to keep up on a property in another city, let alone another state, or even country. At KDC we gladly take on that burden. Homeowners can stay home while KDC and their trusted, local contractors ensure that your property is safe and cared for. We don’t just ‘house sit’, we keep the lawn groomed, pool clean, and ensure that nothing is out of place as long as you are away. In Florida our service is not only recommended, it is essential when your beautiful homes are under frequent threat of hurricanes, brush fires and floods. A house sitter may not be willing to retrieve sentimental’s or valuables from a home facing a natural disaster, but with KDC you can rest assured that not only your home, but everything in it, are safe and secure.house_magnifying_glass_shutterstock_92285236_3